Wealthy business exec will challenge Senator Franken in MN

After trying for months to recruit a credible Republican candidate in Minnesota to challenge Senator Al Franken, the state GOP may have their man. Mike McFadden, an executive with the international investment company Lazard, is in the final stages of rolling out his campaign to take on the former Saturday Night Live comic. Politico: McFadden "will formally announce plans next week to run for the US Senate as a Republican challenger to Al Franken in November 2014," according to the April 30 inquiry, which a source shared with POLITICO.   "I am confident you will be learning much about Mike, presently co-CEO of Lazard Middle Market, very soon. Mike is setting up his campaign in earnest, and needs an office location in approximately 30 days," the message continued. McFadden did not respond to multiple requests for comment, but made it clear last month that he is interested in the Senate race. He told Minnesota Public Radio in early April that he was "in the process of...(Read Full Post)