Was there political motivation in IRS activity?

"No." (Answer by Steven Miller, acting Commissioner of the IRS). Whew!  That's a relief. No problemo! But it brings up one of the incidents in the Sacred Texts of Western Civilization (also known as the original 69 episodes of Star Trek). Spock: "Captain, what can you say if you go to bed and the countryside is bare and when you wake up it is covered with snow?" Kirk: "That is snowed last night." Spock: "Exactly." Mr. Miller of the IRS seems to be unaware of this method of thought.  He believes that one can draw no conclusion from a body of evidence.  As do his Democratic supporters on the House Committee on Ways and Means.  This must make their lives very bewildering - things happen but there is no cause and no intent behind the actions of people.  Apparently, for them, life consists of just random activity.  The Republic would have been in real trouble if the Republicans - who are doing a great job in the hearings - had not won the...(Read Full Post)