WaPo Stumbles on Temple Mount

William Booth, the Washington Post's Jerusalem bureau chief, has a big spread in the May 23 edition about access for women worshipers to the Western Wall and efforts to make the issue less contentious ("Israel offers bold plan to restore calm at iconic site -- Western Wall redesign aimed at accommodating more liberal strains of Judaism" page A8).  Booth's article is generally fair and comprehensive in explaining the often contradictory views of various stakeholders. Except in a couple of instances when Booth commits, first, a historical error, and then, a howler of a current-events mistake. In the first instance, Booth writes that "the Temple Mount is considered a remnant of the Second Temple, built by King Solomon atop Mount Moriah..." King Solomon did not build the Second Temple. He built the first Temple about three millennia ago. It was destroyed some 400 years later by the Babylonians. Temple Mount is the site of both the First and Second Temples. But King...(Read Full Post)