U.S. administration wrongly advocates the Islamist interpretation of Islamophobia

The State Department issued a report denouncing what it called "a spike in anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe and Asia."  It said that "Muslims also faced new restrictions in 2012 in countries ranging from Belgium, which banned face-covering religious attire in classrooms, to India[,] where schools in Mangalore restricted headscarves." The State Department report confuses religious persecution, which is to be condemned, with politicization of religions, which is a matter of debate and includes strategies of which the U.S. government should not be a part.  If countries ban the right to pray, broadcast, and write about theology -- any theology -- this would be against human rights.  But Belgium and India do not ban religions per se.  In fact, they are more tolerant regarding diverse religious practice than most of the members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.  The Obama administration is not criticizing secular European and Asian governments for...(Read Full Post)