To Hell With An IRS Apology; Just Process The Conservative Applications

Okay, the IRS slid Obama's reelection past the Tea Party nonprofits and afterward planted the question which permitted it to spill the beans on itself before its own IG did. But what happens now to all those tax-exemption applications from conservative nonprofits which IRS has for ages sidetracked in byzantine inquisitions? Do the byzantine inquisitions now go away? Are the "low-level employees in the Cincinnati Office" now prepared to process the conservative applications on the same routine basis they processed applications from liberal nonprofits? The processing time for the liberal applications had apparently been something like ninety days. So shouldn't IRS equitably process, within days (if not hours) and on the same routine basis, all conservative applications it's already had for substantially more than ninety days? And what about the conservative nonprofits which simply abandoned their applications in the face of the IRS paperwork? Shouldn't IRS equitably now...(Read Full Post)