Three women kidnapped a decade ago found alive

Not a political story but included because it is easily one of the most unique, feel-good stories of the year so far. Three young women, kidnapped 9, 10, and 11 years ago were found alive at a house in Cleveland after one of the captives escaped through a broken door and frantically called 911. They were the prisoners of three brothers who lived in a house on the west side of the city. Cleveland Plain Dealer: Three longtime missing women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, have been found alive, apparently kidnapped and held for years as prisoners inside a house on Cleveland's near West Side. Berry called police Monday afternoon and frantically told a dispatcher that she was alive and free after being kidnapped 10 years ago and held captive in a house on Seymour Avenue. "We've confirmed it's them," a Cleveland detective said. "They are alive and safe." Police have scheduled a news conference for 9 a.m. today. Berry, now 27, DeJesus, 23, and Knight, 30, were...(Read Full Post)