Those who voted for Obama continue to be unemployed

We can say a couple of things about the 2012 election and jobs: 1) You have a better chance of finding a job in a state that voted for Romney, such as Texas, the Dakotas, the Carolinas and Georgia.  On the other hand, New York, California and Illinois are economic disasters "clinging" to the hope that change will come their way. 2) Young people, blacks and "hispanos" cannot find work.   Daniel Henninger has a great article about young people and lack of jobs.  It is bad for young people.  However, it is really bad for the two groups that blindly voted for Obama; blacks and hispanos: "The Center for American Progress study is a straight-ahead description of the grim employment status and diminished earnings prospects of whites, Hispanic and especially younger blacks. The official unemployment rate for people in their late teens and post-college years is around 16%, but add in those who've given up looking or taken jobs flipping...(Read Full Post)