Those crazy, lone-wolf, low level IRS employees

Where in the world did "Low level IRS employees" get the idea that Tea Party, Patriot, Constitution, and Small Government groups should be harassed? It started in 2009, with the dismissive attitude of politicos and pundits towards the nascent Tea Party movement.  Washington's Political elites began what has amounted to a four year long sneer at the popular movement. Rachel Maddow got all giggly over the derogatory sexual term, "Teabagger," which President Obama was happy to adopt.  As the movement continued to grow throughout 2009, the giggles were traded for  accusations as pundits and politicos made desperate efforts to cast the Tea Party movement as racist and violent. Frank Rich of the New York Times and Dana Milbank of The Washington Post painted Tea Partiers as violent, racist rednecks, with Rich going so far as to compare Tea Partiers' protests against Obamacare to Kristallnacht.  Millbank would go on to assert that Tea Party protesters who were...(Read Full Post)