The man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

Back in 2011, Frank Burke wrote this about President Obama's managerial style: "In classic management theory, Barack Obama would have to be described as an abdicative manager.  The abdicative manager evidences a tendency to flee from responsibility and is frequently encountered in situations where he or she never wanted the job in the first place (for instance, a son or daughter who inherits a company or the individual who discovers that they are incapable of adequate performance).  Abdication can be exhibited in a variety of ways, ranging from physically removing oneself through travel (the confusion of movement with action), to obsessing about personal interests or a limited range of controllable subjects." President Obama's "abdicative style" is also the byproduct of a career devoid of any managerial experience.    After all, this is a man who was elected president of the US without ever running anything. Beyond style, President Obama seems to love...(Read Full Post)