The Great Reversal

The President of the United States comes out in favor of gay marriage. An NBA journeyman player announces that he is gay. The media hails this as a triumphal event. The President of the United States calls the player to congratulate him on his "courage." Some even call this a "Jackie Robinson" moment. What is this all about? Warning: It is about a lot more than people being free to be themselves and it is going to impact every single one of us. The whole "gay marriage," and "gay athlete" progression is entirely about turning the tables on traditional values and especially Christian belief. This movement, which claims historic prejudice against homosexuality, is now all about prejudice against those who disagree, visited upon people who uphold the traditional view of marriage and sexuality. Those who formerly and even now claim persecution and their allies in government and media have become the persecutors. Privately, people of traditional faith will still be able to hold to their...(Read Full Post)