The Core Competency of the Democratic Party

It's stealing elections.  That has to be the answer to the IRS caper.  2010 shook the ramparts of the radical Left.  Out of the woodwork came Tea Partiers, either literally or as conservatives for which the Tea Party label was a hold-all.  What to do for 2012?  Gotta defund "the enemy."  Tax exempts cannot literally politic for candidates but they can offer polemics, and raise and shape issues.  Conservatives through the Tea Party had their voice - limited government; fiscal responsibility; free markets.  An excellent summary of the American ideal and one that people responded to in 2010, depriving the Dems of the only thing dear to their hearts - power.  The Repubs took back the House. If that wave was still building out there - and everybody missed it in 2010 - what would or could happen in 2012?  So, the word went out - harass, defund, intimidate, ridicule conservatives and particularly big conservative donors.  How did...(Read Full Post)