Tamerlan Tsarnaev Defames the Boxing Community

It's ironic that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a terrorist.  It defames boxers.  As a group, boxers give and we take.  We stand up to the punishment.  I've fought with a badly broken nose and wouldn't take one step back.  I kept coming forward out of pride -- to prove that I could take it.  I cut my opponents lip up before I was rushed to the emergency room.  I was proud of my not chickening out. When I was knocked out by a Mexican in my first pro fight in Denver, a bunch of cowboys asked me, "What did you think you were doing out there?"  I laughed.  I could take a hit and an insult.  I did not shoot them.  I did not drop a bomb next to an eight-year-old.  I was not a coward.  I did not shoot my opponent in the locker room.  I did not blow off his legs. I could see killing a person if he annoyed me enough.  I could never see killing an innocent person whom I...(Read Full Post)