Scandals Here, There and Everywhere

Yesterday was a very interesting day for Barack Obama, our formerly Teflon president.  I almost felt sorry for his predicament.  Almost.  As in Paris is almost next door to Los Angeles.  First there is the growing scandal of the Benghazi massacre and the administration's response or lack of response to the deaths of four Americans. Then there was the Friday night news dump of an apology of sorts from the IRS regarding the targeting of specific conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. And what most of the media, both mainstream and alternative, view as the culmination of a scandal hat-trick by the Obama administration, the report by Associated Press that without warrant the Department of Justice had seized all telephone records from several phone lines that were dedicated within the White House, the Congress and two other sites compromising AP's ability to protect sources and whistleblowers. All in all, what you might consider a busy day for Obama and...(Read Full Post)