Reid calls Cruz a 'schoolyard bully'

It's "Pick on Ted Cruz Week" in the Democratic party. First, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said that Cruz cannot be "defined" as Hispanic. Now Harry Reid calls his "friend" from Texas a "schoolyard bully." The Hill: Cruz said he was concerned that the conference report--which cannot be filibustered--would be used to raise the nation's debt ceiling. He asked that Reid amend his motion to go to conference to make out of order any provisions raising taxes or raising the debt ceiling. Reid said Cruz had a chance to amend the Senate budget--which raises $975 billion in new tax revenue from tax reform--when it was considered on the floor. He said Cruz's request to eliminate all taxes in a final House-Senate budget was absurd. "The senator from Texas was on the losing he wants us to adopt the losing side's view or we cannot go to conference," Reid said. "My friend from Texas is like a schoolyard bully," Reid added. "He pushes everybody around and is...(Read Full Post)