Our infantile government

From before his successful 2008 election as President to today,in many venues President Barack Obama is referred to as " the only adult in the room." If one uses a search engine to find out the frequency of this phrase one gets over a half a million hits from Bing and 132,000,000 from Google. Aside from the nasty un-adulting of everyone else in whatever room it is, there is another more important question. What is an adult? The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition tells us that an adult means " fully developed and mature: grown up." Mature gives us" 1) based on slow careful consideration: judgment. 2) having complete natural growth and development." Between the two, one gets the definite impression that adulthood is strictly physical. That is well and good as far as it goes, but what about other factors? This scrivener would like to suggest a more realistic definition of an adult. An adult is one who takes responsibility for his or her actions...(Read Full Post)