More Ways Than One

Get on and stay on the offensive.  When your position is indefensible, don't defend it.  Rather than defend, go on offense.  Try to change the subject.  Deride anyone who questions your position.  Accuse the questioners of being racist/bigoted/homophobic/insensitive/offensive.  Make up things if you have to.  The MSM will eat up what you have to say and will widely print/broadcast it.  The MSM will then bury any retractions/corrections they offer in response to your ravings. That is the first set of rules practiced by politicians -- of every stripe.  The strategy has been used in the past, and it is currently being repeated. The offensive strategy was perfected by James Carville, friend and informal adviser of Bill Clinton.  When Clinton's sexual peccadilloes became known, Carville derided everyone in sight.  He attacked special prosecutor Kenneth Starr for having the audacity to investigate Clinton.  He attacked Newt...(Read Full Post)