Obama's fixer and the New York Times' 'beat sweetener'

See also: Ben Rhodes: Obama's Fixer behind the Benghazi Cover-Up Ben Rhodes, the master of fiction who was Obama's fixer in the talking points cover-up, has a friend at the New York Times, it appears. Mark Landler wrote a glowing profile of Rhodes on March 16 that caught the attention of Jack Shafer, who covers media for Reuters, lambasting the piece. A beat sweetener, as press-watchers know, is an over-the-top slab of journalistic flattery of a potential source calculated to earn a reporter access or continued access. They're most frequently composed on the White House beat when a new administration arrives in Washington and every Executive Office job turns over, but they can appear any time a reporter is prepared to demean himself by toadying up to a source in exchange for material. As a beat sweetener, the Rhodes piece excels on so many levels that I'll bet the subject's parents have framed and hung the clipping over the family mantel. Landler portrays Rhodes as a young...(Read Full Post)