Obama says war on terror 'must end'

Most of the attention paid to the president's counterterrorsm speech yesterday was with the change in his policy of when to use drones and his insistence that the Guantanamo Bay prison be dismantled. But the overall tenor and tone of the speech was a direct slap in the face to his predecessor and a rap on the knuckles to current Republicans who don't believe this is the time to go soft on Islamic extremism. In other words, the speech was highly partisan and had more to do with domestic politics - protecting his left flank while criticizing Republian hawks - than with any policy shift on terrorism. Reuters: He acknowledged the past use of "torture" in U.S. interrogations; expressed remorse over civilian casualties from drone strikes; and said that the Guantanamo detention facility "has become a symbol around the world for an America that flouts the rule of law." After launching costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States is tiring of conflict. While combating...(Read Full Post)