Obama puts all his cards on the table amid multiple scandals

President Obama has been hammered for the past several weeks as no less than three major scandals continue to erupt in his administration. As the facts emerge and low-information voters have started to take notice, the liberal media has had no alternative than to put down the White House talking points and actually do a little reporting. As more and more evidence is uncovered by congress, it doesn't look good for President Obama. But he does have a couple of cards left up his sleeve - the race card and the victim card. And on Sunday during his commencement speech at the graduation of predominantly black Morehouse College, President Obama decided to go all-in and play both cards at once. Masked in his personal responsibility speech to the Morehouse College graduates, President Obama clearly identifies himself as being down with the struggle and no less a victim of racist America than any other black man. He told the crowd, "As Morehouse men, many of you know what it's like to be an...(Read Full Post)