Obama 'a passenger on the ship of state'

Jennifer Rubin, house conservative blogger at the Washington Post, focuses on what may be the most effective argument against President Obama's conduct in office: his detachment, if not laziness.  In the context of Benghazi 9/11, she does not mince words: The biggest scandal regarding Benghazi may be that the president was not at the helm on 9-11-2011 and was not directing the response to an attack. His aides insist he was getting updates, but the president is supposed to be more than an inbox for messages from his advisers. Was he peppering them with questions? Was he insisting they run through the available rescue options? The answer to both seems to be no, and for that dereliction of duty he needs to be held accountable. Maybe he would have been more accurate in his statements after the fact if he had had been plugged in and paying attention during the attacks. Likewise, the president's apparent inattention to the deteriorating security situation in...(Read Full Post)