NYT, WaPo Shield Abbas from Inconvenie​nt Truths

In the latest phase of his quixotic Middle East shuttle diplomacy, Secretary of State John Kerry again ran smack against the same dead-end obstacle against resuming Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations -- the my-way-or-the-highway obduracy of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. In his stopover in Ramallah, Kerry again was told by Abbas that the Palestinian Authority will come to the negotiating table only if Israel first clamps a total freeze on construction in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and frees Palestinian terrorist prisoners. This Abbas demand has been a non-starter for a long time and goes directly against the tone and substance of the Obama administration's Mideast diplomacy. On this make-or-break issue, Israel and the U.S. are on the same page. During his March trip to Israel, President Obama lined up categorically with Israel's position -- prompt negotiations without any preconditions. Ditto Kerry in his shuttle diplomacy. Only Abbas stands in the...(Read Full Post)