MSM face Benghazigate dilemma

For the moment only Fox and conservative media are covering the revelations of a Benghazi whistleblower, limiting knowledge of the disturbing revelations to perhaps a third of the public, if that. The vast pool of low information voters will never know that there is anything to be concerned about regarding the slaughter of four Americans and the apparent lies and cover-up that has followed from Obama administration. And neither will the medium information voters who get their news solely from MSM outlets, those which generally follow the lead of the New York Times in deciding what is and isn't a news story. The MSM are erecting a cofferdam around the whistleblower revelations which cast doubt on official testimony. But can such a barrier survive the promised House hearings? Attorney Victoria Toensing is attempting to gain legal shielding for her four whistleblower clients and running into difficulty, an issue reported on Fox  News the day before, which President Obama claimed...(Read Full Post)