Media discovering Obama doesn't return the love

Somewhere, Andrew Breitbart is smiling. You can almost see the metaphorical light bulbs going on in bubbles over the heads of liberal media figures. Obama loyalists are expressing outrage at the subpoenaing of the phone records of 20 lines serving over a hundred AP reporters. The timing could not be better. Just days after it has sunk in on the White House press corps that the administration has been lying through their teeth about Benghazi. On the very day that the AP published its own outraged account of the subpoena, calling it a "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into how news organizations gather the news, the president held a joint presser with David Cameron that earned him four Pinocchios from the WaPo's fact checker, Glenn  Kessler, calling the talking points a "sideshow." To my mind, the AP scandal's significance entirely lies with its effect on the media's mindset on Obama. They have been cheerleading for him for six years, now. But that old story - the...(Read Full Post)