Marco Rubio's Catch-22

I do not envy Marco Rubio.  Just three years ago, he was the Cuban knight in shining armor who many conservatives thought could do no wrong.  At the time, I cheered him on, even though I didn't agree with him on immigration. Three years later, he seems to be taking hits from the right about his views on immigration, which I still do not agree with.  So Marco and I have been consistently not eye-to-eye on immigration. The odd part is this, though: whereas I disagreed with him in 2010 because he seemed too harsh on illegal immigration, now I find myself dissenting from his quest to give amnesty to millions of lawbreakers who really should not become citizens. I know I didn't change.  I still support stiff border security and enforcement of existing laws.  I still think there should be selective exceptions made for people who are willing to serve in the military or who are studying something at the advanced level (MA or above) that we really need -- like...(Read Full Post)