Low-level Scape-Goats or High-Level Operatives?

From Fast and Furious to Benghazi to the newest revelation that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups since 2011, the Obama White House has consistently offered "low-level employees" as their default excuse for any mistakes, miscommunications or wrong-doings made from within the federal agency de jure. Of course, upon further investigation and with no help from a deaf, dumb, and blind Obama-mania media, these low-level employees always seem to be found acting on their own. What the White House and its apologists' in the drive-by media would have Americans believe is that most of the largest and most powerful government agencies are vulnerable to not only major incompetence, but also to being politically hacked at any time by low-level employees. The Obama White House would also have Americans believe that these low-level employees work so deep in the bowels of federal agencies that it's almost impossible to monitor them - let alone catch them in the act of planning or...(Read Full Post)