Kaitlyn Hunt, Gay Heroine

In all that's been said so far about the Florida Juliet & Juliet uproar, very little has been heard concerning the fact that it's a near-perfect example of a left-wing propaganda effort (gay-rights division). The story as widely circulated goes like this: Kaitlyn Hunt, a charming, attractive seventeen-year-old lesbian, a "femme" in subcultural terminology, became enamored with a fourteen-year-old schoolmate. In the midst of a bout of puppy love, they incited the hostility of the younger girl's parents, a pair of "religious fanatics" implacably opposed to all things natural and healthy. Since the lovers were both minors, the sneaky parents waited until Hunt turned eighteen and then swore out a complaint against her. Police arrested her on charges of "lewd and lascivious battery" on a minor child. Although offered a relatively mild plea bargain, she turned it down, and is now facing fifteen years of postgraduate lesbian studies as a guest of the state of Florida. That's...(Read Full Post)