I've Seen an Elephant Fly

Obama often announces that America is not at war with Islam.  Gee, I guess the great narcissist empathizer didn't notice the legs that could no longer run lying around the Boston marathon, the headless soldier in London, the dead ambassador in Libya.  Didn't Obama announce at all those bloody occasions that we are not at war with Islam?  Didn't he say that in the hope of pacifying the Muslim aggressors and ducking the next terrorist attack?  What would have happened if we had said that we were not at war with Japan after Pearl Harbor?  That we were at war only with kamikaze pilots?  Obama's saying that we were not at war with Islam didn't help to avoid the next terrorist attack.  Or the next one, or the next one.  We cannot battle terrorism by sticking our heads in the ground ostrich-style.  We have to announce that our enemy is the radical elements of Islam and that the Muslims have a responsibility to clean up their act.  We...(Read Full Post)