Israel hits Syrian missiles again as explosions rock Damascus

Pretty impresive video footage below from the Syrian opposition that shows huge explosions on Qasioun Mountain just outside of Damascus. Apparently, there is some kind of military base that could contain a storage facility for the sophisticated missiles Israel has been targeting. Reuters reports that bombs may have targeted a building housing military command and control: Israel declined comment but Syria accused the Jewish state of striking a military facility just north of the capital - one which its jets had first targeted three months ago. Iran, a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and an arch-enemy for Israel, urged states in the region to resist the Israeli attack. People living near the Jamraya base spoke of explosions over several hours in various places near Damascus, including a town housing senior officials: "Night turned into day," one man said. The Western intelligence source told Reuters the operation hit Iranian-supplied missiles headed...(Read Full Post)