Is Assad engaging in ethnic cleansing?

If he is, it is making intervention by the west that much more likely. Reuters: Hundreds of Sunni Muslim families fled the Syrian coastal town of Banias on Saturday after fighters loyal to President Bashar al-Assad killed at least 62 people overnight and left bloodied and burned corpses piled in the streets, activists said. A pro-opposition monitoring group posted a video online showing the mutilated bodies of 10 people, half of them children, it said were killed in a southern district of Banias. Some lay in pools of blood and one toddler was covered in burns, her clothes singed and her legs charred. Pictures posted separately on social media by other activists showed piles of bodies of men, women and children dumped in stone alleyways. The reports and images from Banias, a Mediterranean coastal town lying beneath green hills, could not be independently verified as the Syrian government restricts access to independent media. The killings took place two days after state...(Read Full Post)