IRS Update

So at the end of the week of three massive crises of confidence facing the Obama administration, what has the response been thus far? Wednesday's brief statement from Obama and the resignation of Steven Miller, the IRS acting commissioner (whose term was supposed to end next month anyway) seemed like too little, too late. Miller's appearance at a Congressional hearing into the issue today didn't help much either. After the hearing, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp told reporters that "there was a real lack of detail and information, an appalling lack of management at the IRS, so we have a lot more information to get." Now that the IRS faces a criminal investigation by the Justice Department, congressional inquiries and other government reviews, the absurd irony of all of this is that our hard-earned tax dollars just became that much less efficient, as the government agency collecting those taxes must spend taxpayer money to defend itself from the taxpayer-funded attacks of...(Read Full Post)