Iranian Terror Cells All Over South America, Says Prosecutor

South America is being overrun with Iranian terror cells.  So claims the Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who has handed in a 500-page indictment of the Islamic Republic.  And a lot of leftist South American governments, including Nisman's own, are following suit. The Argentine-Israelite Mutual Association was car bombed in 1994, with 85 people dead.  Argentina could not have been more furious at that time. Initially, Argentina blamed Iran.  The attack had come from operatives out of the notorious triad of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. One would have thought it was an open-and-shut case. However, there was a problem.  A lot of crooked  Argentine politicians had been behind technology transfers to Iran prior to the bombing.  So to go after Iran meant going after local politicians.  As the investigation progressed, it became apparent that a lot of high-end Argentine politicians were going to get hammered.  Nisman indicted...(Read Full Post)