House 'Gang of Eight' reaches immigration reform compromise

Ready or not, here it comes. Democratic and Republican House members have achieved an agreement on immigration reform and the bi-partisan bill will be taken up sometime next month. Reuters: The final sticking point, according to congressional sources, was over whether illegal immigrants now in the United States who gain legal status under the bill could participate in the new healthcare law known as "Obamacare," which Republicans want to repeal. None of the negotiators would comment on how the matter was resolved. Nor would they provide other details of the deal. Even with Thursday's breakthrough, the drive to enact a comprehensive immigration bill, which is President Barack Obama's top legislative priority, faces a long, difficult road in Congress. The agreement still must be drafted into legislation for review by the 435 members of the House. Then it faces a potentially tough battle in the House Judiciary Committee, where several conservative Republicans have been...(Read Full Post)