Hey you! Drop that cheeseburger before you 'incinerate the planet'

Salon's Dave Sirota - easily one of the dumbest liberal writers out there - and who devoutly wished that the Boston bombers would be white, has now found another target to spread his idiocy. Cheesburgers: If you find it demoralizing that we are incinerating the planet and dooming future generations simply because too many of us like to eat cheeseburgers, here's that good news I promised: In their report, Goodland and Anhang found that most of what we need to do to mitigate the climate crisis can be achieved "by replacing just one quarter of today's least eco-friendly food products" -- read: animal products -- "with better alternatives." That's right; essentially, if every fourth time someone craved, say, beef, chicken or cow milk they instead opted for a veggie burger, a bean burrito or water, we have a chance to halt the emergency. The trouble, of course, is that environmentalism and conservation -- like everything else -- have been unduly politicized. Consequently,...(Read Full Post)