Democrats forming circular firing squad

You can tell that the Democrats are off balance, perhaps even already reeling, in anticipation of another mid-term "shellacking" in 2014. Billionaire politician/propagandist Michael Bloomberg is funding an effort to punish Democrats running for re-election who failed to support the gun-grabbing agenda the plutocrat is pushing.  Among the targets is Senator David Pryor of Arkansas, running for re-election in a fairly red state that generally supports gun rights. That's bad enough, of course, but the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee is making matters worse, running ads that seem to be designed to enhance the prospects of Pryor's opponent. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post explains: ...this is really weird - the Dems are running an attack against possible challenger Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) for backing an Iran sanctions bill. This is mighty odd since Iran sanctions are supported on a bipartisan basis by huge majorities in the Congress these days....(Read Full Post)