Could Iran become a nuclear superpower?

There is only one news story that you must read this morning. It's not the usual cirque de jour that our chattering political class so enjoys foisting upon the American public. The following 143 words should put into perspective the irrational folly and utter stupidity of the Obama Administration's foreign policy of  "see no evil" appeasement and submission. From the Iran is not looking for just a few nuclear bombs "in the basement," but rather to produce dozens each year, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz said Tuesday. Steinitz, who also holds the strategic and intelligence affairs portfolios, told a security conference in Zichron Ya'acov that Iran's nuclear industry was "many times larger than that of either North Korea or Pakistan." He described the Iranian nuclear industry as a "ramified" one - designed "not to produce a few bombs, but to produce fissionable material for dozens and hundreds of nuclear bombs." The issue, he said, is not only of...(Read Full Post)