Benghazi bureaucratic blame game escalates

Now that the Big Lie about the Mohammed Video that helped re-elect Barack Obama has been exposed, the people involved are worried about becoming the fall guy. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post thinks Victoria Nuland, of the State Department is being pushed into the role of the patsy: A summary of e-mail exchanges involving her has circulated to news outlets, and it places her, falsely, in the thick of the controversy about the talking points that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice eventually used on the Sunday shows. (snip) It is noteworthy that those involved in Friday night's e-mail exchange were all communications people; no political figures and no policy makers. It is not the communications people who bear any responsibility for the scrubbing that went on over the weekend. In my own reporting, I have previously noted that Nuland studiously refused to confirm the "video made them do it" story line or the spontaneous demonstration cover story coming out of the White House. The...(Read Full Post)