Benghazi and Obama's Legitimacy

Did Barack Obama in effect steal the election in 2012? It is impossible to know, of course, how matters would have played it if Americans had been told the truth about Benghazi. And what if the IRS had not hobbled conservative nonprofits (and therefore the movement) with extra scrutiny and consequent delay and expenses? But there can be no doubt that Obama helped himself by being able to claim that Al Qaeda was "on the run" and with an assist from Candy Crowley make Mitt Romney look bad on when he criticized Obama's anti-terror policies. It is important that the magnitude of the Benghazi Big Lie be discussed, so I am glad that Donald Trump has raised the issue, speaking on Fox this morning. Kevin Cirilli of Politico: Donald Trump said Monday that if the details surrounding the IRS targeting tea party groups and last week's Benghazi hearing had come out last fall, President Barack Obama might not have won reelection. "This is a big, big story that is probably going to get a lot...(Read Full Post)