Arias Wants Death Penalty? Let's Second the Motion

Sociopath, narcissist, and rage murderer Jodi Arias says in an interview that she prefers death to life in the Big House. But does she? Arias is also a practiced liar (her defense was a string of Arias-inspired lies). For all anyone knows, Arias is speaking publicly for her execution in hopes that her remarks trickle back to the jury, which will decide death or life behind bars for her. Perhaps this cagey lady reasons that the jury will give her just what she says she doesn't want as the greater punishment, thereby sparing her life. Congenital liars like Arias can be quite calculating and sly. In her interview, Arias claims that she's been "saying for years" that she would prefer a death sentence. Curious that Arias would even be thinking about the issue of life or death for a capital crime "for years." She avers that death provides a freedom that she wouldn't have in maximum security. Is Arias an atheist, or in her twisted mind does she think that there's rest for depraved souls in...(Read Full Post)