Anise, We Have a Problem

There is an argument that social issues shouldn't play much of a role in mayoral politics, and many in Houston are sympathetic to that view. But should such a view hold when your lesbian mayor reveals, in arrogant, disparaging, and militaristic terms, how she feels about traditional marriage?  Specifically, Houston's mayor, Anise Parker, who is up for re-election, let her guard down in the Wall Street Journal's Weekend Interview when she said (emphasis added): "I'm not a spokesperson for the gay community," she adds. Gay marriage is personal. "I've been with my life partner for 22 years." They have three children. "I want to marry her." Ms. Parker is holding out for Texas to legalize gay marriage. "I may be old and creaky, but it's gonna happen," she says. "This is a war we've already won. There are still battles left to fight. ... mopping up operations." Many people in Houston, including this writer, feel very strongly about upholding traditional marriage, yet a good...(Read Full Post)