The System Worked?

An arrest made this weekend at Detroit Metro Airport raised few eyebrows from the media, the government, or well, anybody. With all the focus on security failures over Boston and Benghazi, I'm sure they will want it to just go away. From The Detroit News: Al Khawahir arrived at the airport Saturday from Saudi Arabia, via Amsterdam, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in federal court. Al Khawahir was traveling with a B1/B2 visa, which lets him travel to the U.S. temporarily for business or tourism. He told agents he was visiting his nephew, who attends the University of Toledo. During baggage inspection, officers noticed a page missing from Al Khawahir's passport. Al Khawahir told officers he did not know how the page was removed from the passport. During the baggage exam, officers found a pressure cooker. Al Khawahir said he brought the pressure cooker for his nephew because the devices are not sold in the United States, according to the complaint. Later, he changed his...(Read Full Post)