A Clean Slate

It is a bizzaro world indeed when left-leaning Slate makes a better case for limited government than the Mitt Romney Campaign and the GOP establishment managed to make during the 2012 cycle. Yet for the second time in less than a week, two different writers from Slate have done so, making compelling arguments for conservatism, and tweaking the establishment at the same time for good measure -- simply by observation and common sense.   This is not to say that Slate is turning right, nor is that their intention. But words have meaning, and in stunning pieces from Dickerson and political reporter David Weigel, Slate's words make one hell of a case for Tea Party limited government conservatism. A "Den of Liberals" is not just how conservatives view government bureaucracy, it's very the headline of Mr. Weigel's editorial, along with a subhead that "the IRS, like most government agencies, leans left. It's just a fact of life." That's more or less game, set, and match to us right there,...(Read Full Post)