Frances Ha: a Review

Went to a screening of Frances Ha after a muy chi-chi crowd Friday night at MoMA was too populous; 20 of us could not be seated. But at the (dull average, no glimmer) screening a few days later, was surprised at the disarming underpresumption of the black & white, 88-minute film written by the quirky mumblecore-ish Noah Baumbach and the even more quirky Greta Gerwig. What made imperative seeing this film was a rare 100% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website. In five years, one has not seen a single other film garner a perfect rating. So it became a definite must-see. That promotional card the filmmakers use to clarion the film seems to say the protagonist, Frances Hardy, is filled "with such a sweet spirit of Joy," but the promo is off its brunch. The story of a sort of dance-dunce intern at a premium company who kind of flakes out at every turn of life's screw is one of envy and hopelessness, malfunction, depression, losing one's rudder repeatedly in life, and the jealousies...(Read Full Post)