White House Correspondents Dinner: Who's the politician and who's the celebrity?

Functionally, you can't tell the difference. And that says more about the state of journalism and American culture than anything else you can come up with. And what makes the confluence of politics and celebrity so seamless, is that none of the participants in this self-congratulatory journalistic exercise realize that there is no difference. They are oblivious to both the irony and the danger that this marriage of star power and PR pimping represents. That said, the White House Correspondents Dinner always features a comedian and self deprecating remarks by the president. Conan O'Brien took shots at everybody, but saved his most vicious barbs for the GOP. And Obama? "I look in the mirror and say 'I'm not the strapping young Muslim socialist I used to be,'" Obama said. "Time passes, you get a little gray. And yet, I still make rookie mistakes." As an example, he pointed to recent remarks at a fundraiser where he said California Attorney General Kamala Harris was the best looking ...(Read Full Post)