Where is gay marriage when you need it?

The Obama administration desperately needs another distraction to take people's minds off of a failing economy. Despite confident predictions that the economy will pick up the pace this year and start creating jobs, we can be reasonably certain that it won't happen in the manufacturing sector in the near future. In advance of the Commerce Department release of GDP numbers for the first quarter tomorrow, things are not looking up for the economy. Bloomberg: Orders declined in March for commercial aircraft, metals, machinery and electrical equipment, today's figures showed. Bookings advanced for automobiles, computers and communications gear. Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar, the largest maker of mining equipment, cut its 2013 forecast and "significantly" lowered its outlook for demand from commodities producers. Sales in 2013 will be $57 billion to $61 billion, compared with an earlier forecast of $60 billion to $68 billion. Capital expenditures by business remain weak,...(Read Full Post)