WaPo Libels Netanyahu

Secretary of State John Kerry holds extensive talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who for the umpteenth time, assures him and the world that Israel is prepared for immediate resumption of peace negotiations without pre-conditions. Not only that, but Israel under Netanyahu is set to make painful concessions to achieve a two-state solution. But that's not the way the Washington Post covers the Kerry-Netanyahu talks. In a dispatch from Tel Aviv, Post correspondent Anne Gearan cautions that Kerry "faces long odds." Why? Because, in her expressed view, "Netanyahu is considered hostile to negotiations despite public assurances that he would talk under the right conditions." ("Kerry, Netanyahu see steps toward peace talks" April 10, page A8). What an Orwellian twist! Here's Netanyahu on record hundreds of times for immediate resumption of peace talks, but Gearan just doesn't believe him. In effect, she calls him a liar. And she imputes on him demands for "right conditions" to precede...(Read Full Post)