WaPo Flacks Arab 'Peace' Plan

Secretary of State John Kerry, in his bid to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, is keeping most of his diplomatic efforts under wraps, except for touting a 2002 Arab peace plan as an "important element" in getting negotiations under way. In turn, the Washington Post, in dispatches by correspondent Anne Gearan from Jerusalem and Ramallah, gives the Arab peace plan prominent mention -- while omitting a critical poison pill that would doom Israel as a Jewish state. ("Kerry hints he is hoping for a broad Israeli-Palestinian peace deal" April 9) What exactly is the Arab League peace plan? It's the outgrowth of a Saudi initiative that subsequently was modified and then approved by the entire Arab League. Gearan reports that its aim is a comprehensive peace agreement in exchange for Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 lines. To make it seem more palatable, she adds that borders probably would have to be adjusted to leave close-in settlements on the Israeli side, with Israel in exchange...(Read Full Post)