The President Who Can't Shoot Straight

Millions of us out here in flyover country have long been of the opinion that Barack Obama is not a straight shooter. This weekend he proved it. During the White House Easter Egg Roll, the handlers gathered the kids around the half-court to watch the Prez, whom the press has led us to believe for several years now is quite skilled in the game, shoot some free-throws and layups. Bad move, handlers. Much to the dismay of all those who have worked so hard to create this faux image of our chief executive as a skilled athlete (skeet-shooting comes to mind) it became apparent rather quickly that this Prez can't shoot straight. Out of 22 attempts, the Prez managed two, count 'em, two, baskets. Hell I'm a 72 two year old white guy who, like all white men, can't jump, and I'd bet some solid money I can do better than 2-22. Know what I think? He choked. After missing the first couple in front of his young audience, he became so unnerved he lost his cool and flubbed the rest away. Other than...(Read Full Post)