The McConnell Test of Progressive Media Power

The progressives who run the Democratic Party and the mainstream media are flexing their muscles, attempting to frame the story of a possible political crime through the wrong end of a telescope, in the belief that the MSM's sheer mindshare can win out over the facts. A private conversation between Senator Mitch McConnell and his aides was recorded, and excerpts have appeared on the progressive Mother Jones website, in an article authored by David Corn. Unless one of McConnell's closest aides turned rogue, the bugging was a crime. In fact, it was the very same crime that triggered Watergate, the liberals' favorite example of an important political crime. In the media narrative flooding the airwaves and newsprint, the outrage is that McConnell's campaign contemplated using the self-disclosed mental problems of a potential opponent, the actress Ashley Judd, as a campaign issue. There is no concern at all that a private conversation has been recorded, possibly a serious crime of the...(Read Full Post)