The Language of Terror

It would take the foulest of all the black ironies entertained by the human imagination to place ball-bearing packed bombs at the finish line of our beloved Boston Marathon. Instead of celebrating the swiftest and sturdiest legs that are the crowning virtue of champions, we are mourning the loss of life and the compounded mass amputation of those legs as the result of a gravely sick evil conjured within minds that will no longer admit antiseptic light. Just why a twisted cabal of demonic wraiths would desire to make their political statement in this fashion is perhaps impenetrable to the mass of men who live their lives in relative peace. As I write, these villainous furtive identities remain cloaked. But whosoever they should turn out to be, are they unaware that they could never evangelize sane minds to consider the illegitimate urgency of their dark politics? It is impossible to vindicate a rationale that could serve to illuminate that outer darkness -- a bleak and starless cause...(Read Full Post)