The future of 'free' TV

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the phenomena of "zero TV" households who have dropped cable, satellite, and won't even hook up to watch free, over the air TV. That growing trend may walk hand in hand with a technological change that is about to broadcast TV; internet companies that grab the signals from over the air TV networks and allow subscribers to access them for a monthly fee. The problem is, that these networks are getting paid fees (usually based on the number of viewers) by providers like cable companies and Direct TV. Fewer viewers means fewer bucks and the broadcast networks are none to pleased with these start-ups stealing their signal and making money off it. Mediaite: News Corp.'s Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey delivered a bold statement Monday at the National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas that could portend a major change in the future of Fox. After accusing the Barry Diller-backed internet streaming company Aereo of "stealing our...(Read Full Post)